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The Children's Workshop Foundation is excited to announce that sponsorships and tickets are available for the 3rd Annual Comedy for Our Communities event


The Importance of Mentoring

​​Mentors help to develop a child’s self-esteem and confidence.The Children’s Workshop Foundation believes students who have mentors have a desire to stay in school, and believe they can be whatever they want to be. Kelli Didomenico, Executive Director of Children's Workshop Foundation, spoke with The Rhode Show about the benefits of mentoring.

Research shows that children whose parents are involved in their education do better in school.  Getting involved now will prepare you for when your child enters elementary school. 


The Children's Workshop Foundation envisions communities where ALL families are strong, independent, healthy and empowered.  

Help us support families.... because where would you be without yours?  Family is EVERYTHING.  

Why Volunteer?

How can we begin to teach our children how important it is to volunteer in their community? Certainly we can initiate this process by starting early and as their primary adult role models, begin by setting a good example for our children. If your family is involved in volunteering in the community, then it will become second nature to your children. 



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The Children’s Workshop Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children and under served families in the community by helping them access needed resources and quality education.  

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